List do redakcji

List do redakcji

Dostaliśmy taki list do redakcji. Umieszczamy go w niezmienionej formie. Jeśli ktoś z Państwa czuje, że może prosimy o kontakt z bezpośrednio z nadawcą listu przez mail.

Oto list:


My mother, Mrs Dorothy Dubieniec, lives alone in Warwick Bridge. She is 94, and suffering from increasing short term memory loss. To date she has had the support of local care, medical, and support services, but has reached a point where we must consider changing the level of support she has, possibly even putting her into care.

( She has two surviving sons, living in New Zealand and France, so relies on visits from support staff, friends, and local paritioners for daily contact and aid ).

We – the sons – had an idea that may have some possibility. We would prefer she had live in care rather than leave home, and indeed rather than the support staff who visit three times a day.

In the current climate of uncertainty for polish workers in england we thought there may be a nurse or support worker who would be pleased to share mother’s home and take advantage of employment there……. this is just an initial idea we’re floating, and we wanted to hear your reaction.

I’m the eldest son, Richard Dubieniec. I’m 73, and live in Chantelle, the Allier, France